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_MG_5796 Hessa BnW wm
High Key Portrait of Hessa, shot in March 2014

Sith vs. Jedi at the Star Wars X Globe Galactic Celebration
Here’s to conducting more photography workshops in 2016
Win5DIII_14018 Mika and Potpot shouting A4 Platinum
11-Dec. 2015. Shooting sports is a passion for me. While it is not as lucrative as the other genres of photography, the drama and beauty of it never fails to excite me.



An oldie but goldie from the beach at Antulang resort at the southern tip of Negros
Ztylus fisheye paraw view
Sunset shot on the outrigger netting of a Boracay paraw sailboat with a Ztylus Revolver fisheye lens on an iPhone 6



Intro: Baguio vacation – Dec. 2015

Taking a much needed break, I took my family and Yay-lo (our JDM Yellow Honda Jazz) to Baguio.

To give perspective, my wife, Cecile, is an editor/writer. She has this funny blog about us, where our 9 year old is “The Tactless One,” our 6 year old boy is “The One Who Spits,” and I am “The Hub.”

Since I am a photographer, I’ll let the photos tell the story (accompanied by a little commentary).

Follow the tricycle

It was a blessed 5 hours from our home in Makati to Baguio, including a stopover for breakfast. I told my wife and kids how it used to take us 10 hours when I was a kid.

We left at 6:30am on a Tuesday morning and made it to Balintawak via EDSA before 7am. Fortunately, Monday was part of a long weekend so there was not much traffic.

Thanks to the NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX, we were at Kennon Road in a bit over 4 hours. The only thing that slowed us down were the two-lane roads with vehicles like the one in the photo above.

Kennon Road Lion

The kids had not seen the Kennon Road Lion, since we passed MacArthur Highway on the only time they were up in Baguio. Unfortunately, there was no good angle to shoot the Lion so I stayed in the car. The Tactless Child, who was not in the mood to see a silly lion, stayed in the car with me.

The One Who Spits faced his fear of the giant monster lion and disappeared with the wifey into the crowd of cars and tourists. They reappeared some moments later after taking an obligatory selfie and we were back on our way.

Manerus bnb.jpg

We stayed at the house of an old friend from Theater days in the 70’s. It’s a very cozy 3-story house in the Monterrazas area of Baguio City. At first,  we thought it would be inconvenient because it was not near Session road. But we found out that it was very close to the places we wanted to visit, e.g. John Hay, Bell House, Wright Park, Good Shepherd, Mines View, and there are lots of good eating places around there, too.

More on that, and our gracious hosts, in my next blog.

The Mañerus have a Bed & Breakfast on AirBnB but they’re not open again until January 2016. I very highly recommend it.

(This is the Introduction of my photo essay on our Baguio stay. Coming up next is Part I.)