Photo of the Day


_MG_5796 Hessa BnW wm
High Key Portrait of Hessa, shot in March 2014

Sith vs. Jedi at the Star Wars X Globe Galactic Celebration
Here’s to conducting more photography workshops in 2016
Win5DIII_14018 Mika and Potpot shouting A4 Platinum
11-Dec. 2015. Shooting sports is a passion for me. While it is not as lucrative as the other genres of photography, the drama and beauty of it never fails to excite me.



An oldie but goldie from the beach at Antulang resort at the southern tip of Negros
Ztylus fisheye paraw view
Sunset shot on the outrigger netting of a Boracay paraw sailboat with a Ztylus Revolver fisheye lens on an iPhone 6


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