Winsam Cellphone Photography Workshop – 20171001

In order of age (or is it beauty?), Jaime, JJ, Raffy, and Glynis came to my Sunday Cellphone Photography Workshop. 

It’s not the camera but the photographer who takes the shot. Some of our photos taken with a cellphone are much better than what an amateur can take with an expensive DSLR camera. 

The workshoppers came with varying degrees of aptitude and interest. One was interested in travel photography; he would be going to Europe soon. One was very much into street photography. 

I adopt my workshops to the needs of my workshoppers so I ditched my presentation for Portrait Photography and talked about composition, proper exposure, and how to catch what Henri Cartier-Bresson calls “the decisive moment.”

The workshoppers soaked the teachings like a sponge. Here are some of their photos from the workshop photo walk:

Pond Sculpture by Raffy Javier
Fallen Leaves by Jaime Gonzalez

Street and Duck by JJ Gonzalez