When Pokpok meets Stormtrooper (a bayside photowalk)

Voltaire “Bes” Yap, my college batchmate cum photography enthusiast wanted to do a photowalk in Manila so I suggested starting from Harbor Square beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines and ending at Harbor View restaurant by the Quirino Grandstand.

It was a good long walk; worthwhile for the photos taken and friendship shared.

For the record, Bes said that “Pokpok” is a Thai restaurant in Oregon and my sister won the Stormtrooper tshirt from the Flipgeeks’ Star Wars movie / charity benefit.

Pokpok and Stormtrooper Selfie


View from Harbor Square
Yachts parked by Harbor Square

Luneta at sundown 

Bes Yap shooting street/landscape photography at Luneta Park
View from Harbor View restaurant on Manila Bay by the Quirino Grandstand

The walk ended with dinner with my wife and children at Harbor View. Sinigang and grilled prawns to replace the calories we burned away in our walk.

Bes said he recorded 10,000 steps today so that is an accomplishment. But I’m more interested in the photos he took. Tag me on your obra maestras, Bes!

Part II: Baguio Vacation – Dec. 2015

The Baguio Country Club is a most revered  institution, founded in 1905 to provide sports  and recreation for the migrant residents of Baguio.

It has become a yearly tradition to provide a Christmas Village for tourists and residents alike. For our first night in Baguio, with kids in tow, we visited this “winter” wonderland.

A purple dragon, not Barney, met us at the central plaza


The scent of pine and the colorful, albeit makeshift, stalls gave the illusion that we were in a quaint European village. The dragons were a bonus.


Obligatory family photo. Note photobomber kicking (hopefully not his kid) in the background


When the snow appeared, if looked like we were inside a snow globe

Continued in Part III. Some more picturesque highlights of our Baguio vacation

Green Thoughts

Since I’m writing again (blogging, actually), here’s a column I used to write for Animo. Magazine. Ironically, it’s also written for Christmas (2003), before the presidential elections (of 2004).

Friends of Brother Benedict will like the last paragraphs.