Part II: Baguio Vacation – Dec. 2015

The Baguio Country Club is a most revered  institution, founded in 1905 to provide sports  and recreation for the migrant residents of Baguio.

It has become a yearly tradition to provide a Christmas Village for tourists and residents alike. For our first night in Baguio, with kids in tow, we visited this “winter” wonderland.

A purple dragon, not Barney, met us at the central plaza


The scent of pine and the colorful, albeit makeshift, stalls gave the illusion that we were in a quaint European village. The dragons were a bonus.


Obligatory family photo. Note photobomber kicking (hopefully not his kid) in the background


When the snow appeared, if looked like we were inside a snow globe

Continued in Part III. Some more picturesque highlights of our Baguio vacation

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