Teaching at De La Salle U – 20170918

Photos and words by Winston Baltasar

What can we say to the youth? Are they still called Millennials, these college students?

I’m on my second day of teaching 2 classes of Sports Photography to 50 plus students. 

Photography I can teach because I’ve been shooting since the 1970’s and teaching is in the blood; my parents, uncles and aunts from both sides have been teachers. 

But how does one relate to students? I don’t watch the same movies they do, nor do I listen to the same music. Fortunately, we have common ground in sports. All of my students are athletes from the DLSU’s Sports Management program. 

When I talk about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, they understand intimately and with a visceral reaction. 

We also have the school in common. We bleed green, as they say; although I have to tone down my loyalty to appease my Atenean wife.

Have to run to my next class. Will post photos taken by my students next. 

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