Teaching at De La Salle University – 11 Sep. 2017

I woke up early on the first day of class that Monday, 11th of Sep. Coming from a hectic weekend where I shot four UAAP basketball games and one PBA game, it was not easy to be wide-awake alert. But for my Alma Mater, it was a small sacrifice to make.


I am a pure green-blooded Lasalista, much to the chagrin of my Atenean wife. I studied at De La Salle College (Taft) for grade school, La Salle Green Hills for high school, and finally graduated in De La Salle University (DSLU), upgraded and still on Taft Avenue).

Navigating my way through the school was easy. I came in through the DLSU South Gate although my classes are in the Miguel building, closer to the North Gate. As usual, the memories flooded in at the site of the neo-classic architecture.


Here is where I used to play handball but the handball courts are gone. Here is where I punctured my palm on an errant nail on the criss-crossed wooden wall panelin while playing Habol-Taya. No more nails on the walls but I don’t run much anymore.


The gigantic Henry Sy building occupies most of the football field where I learned to goalkeep. I pass by it, suppressing a sigh as I recollect my bygone youth.

The Miguel building is at the far end of the photo above. I taught a class of Sports Photography there in the first trimester of last school year, 2016-2017. It is the first trimester of this school year and I wonder what awaits.

I’m teaching Sports Photography again, this time to two classes. All my students are athletes, which makes it especially interesting. Their sports are fencing, volleyball, track and field, badminton, taekwondo, baseball, tennis, basketball, even chess. It will be an interesting trimester. I look forward to shooting those sports I have not shot before, hoping to inspire these athletes to perform better.

Teaching is in my blood. My parents, aunts and uncles on both sides were teachers. There is a deep satisfaction in passing on knowledge to the youth. I get as much as I give.



2 thoughts on “Teaching at De La Salle University – 11 Sep. 2017

  1. Nice recollection Winston. I visited once the campus 3 years ago and one thing I have noticed to be missing is the Hall of Fame. I suggest if we don’t still have this to start having it at the right area where everybody could see who were our best athletes on those years. If ever we have that, I think then it might be in the wrong spot and that needs to be relocated. This is also very important since it writes our ATHLETIC HISTORY.


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